Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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I have been very fortunate to grow up with parents who are great role models in my life. They have always encouraged me to do my best and supported me in everything that I have done. My mother is a Registered Nurse and this has given me an insight on how much of an impact nurses have on the lives of their patients and their families. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to enter into the healthcare field. Over the summer, I began a program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program I attended provided me with clinical experience which I gained through patient interaction in a nursing home. During my clinical rotations, I was able to successfully implement all of the skills that I had learned in the classroom, such as, maintaining patient hygiene, proper bedside manner, and effectively transferring patients from their beds to wheelchairs. The program also allowed me to work side by side with nurses, therefore, I saw firsthand how nurses are truly leaders in addressing and improving global healthcare needs. On the first day of my rotations, I was very excited but also a little nervous. The charge nurse handed out assignments, and the Certified Nursing Assistant that I was shadowing had 10 patients to take care of. One of the women, in particular, was very talkative as soon as we walked into her room. The task of brushing her hair was given to me, and I must have appeared apprehensive because she said to me, “Just brush my hair the same way you would if I were your…

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