Essay on Becoming A Certified Health Education Specialist

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Certified Health Education Specialists offer education and resources to educate a community in caring for ones health. Fostering the education process encourages the public to take action in regards to their health and well being, where health has not been a priority. Knowledge of health education, passing a certification exam and dedication to public health represents a few of the requirements that these individuals must master. The process to becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist involves many steps, but offers a rewarding career for those that enjoy public service. Healthcare fields are demanding and require a commitment to the health of its patrons. The first step before beginning a healthcare field is to research all possible jobs and understand the commitment required for a career in the health industry. As the profession of health education has grown, greater interest has arisen in establishing standards and holding professionals accountable to those standards (Sharma & Romas, 2012). There is little margin for error, perfection is expected, and the demands can place emotional stress on the provider. Once a career is chosen in the health industry, then one begins the process of narrowing your field of study. Research is the key to finding a fit in skills and abilities that will offer you a personal award of job satisfaction.
Not everyone is suited to be a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). Prior to meeting the educational requirements an…

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