Become An Effective Leader Essay

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Module 8607-522
Becoming an Effective Leader

Name: Keith Casaletto
ID: 0231792M
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Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role 3
Be able to evaluate own ability to lead others 5
Personal development plan 7
Conclusion 8
References 9

Becoming an Effective Leader

My own experience in leadership has been achieved during the last three and a half years working at Lufthansa technic Malta. The company has been operating in Malta for the last 12 years in which there has been a rapid growth in the company operations creating opportunities and developments. For the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to start working as a shop leader, developing my skills and gaining
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In my department I manage people with a vast experience in maintenance work and unexperienced people with their first job experience. As a leader with vision, the development of young unexperienced team members is one of my goals. This type of leadership requires passion and motivation to drive each team member to the same goal. Every project in my department requires a vast experience and dedication in the work being done. By assigning unexperienced team members to experienced once I can start getting feedback on their performance and visually see the development and initiative to achieve goals of each member in the team. This type of leadership style is the start for a leader to build a successful team (Jones, 2014).

“Coaching is an action, not a title and actions results in successes!”
-Byron & Catherine Pulsifier

Democratic leadership requires the participation of the team members into decision-making processes and problem solving. Due to a variety of heavy modifications in my department, discrepancies in drawings and issues arise every day. As a democratic leader I encourage and motivate all team members to express their ideas and to contribute more in problem solving. Communication and feedback occurs every day and by keeping everyone in the group informed this will keep them committed to the project. Co-ordination and social skills in this leadership style is important and as a leader I need to

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