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Become a Better Brother or Sister - VisiHow." VisiHow. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2016.
The first internet source was it suggested that I spend more time with my brother and participate in things together we both enjoy. Some main suggestions from were saying sorry for things, spending quality time with them, not being be selfish, and just showing them how much you love them. One of the tips suggested saying sorry for the wrong-doings can really bandage up the relationship in an instant. Not being selfish is important in any relationship, it’s critical to share and do things for each other. During the experiment if I had extra food or go to the store I would ask my brother if he wanted anything. Another example is showing
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It truly bettered the bond between my brother and me. There were slight problems at the start but as the time went on it got easier and more comfortable to be around each other like when we were younger. Siblings will always fight; therefore that problem couldn’t be fixed completely. I was extremely happy with the results of this experiment. My brother and I are stronger than ever and I hope it will stay that way. We have both learned many new things about each other and will continue to spend quality time together. Improving our relationship was also improved the relationship with our mom. I will continue to encourage, thank, and show my brother appreciation for everything he does. I will continue doing this project even if has ended, hopefully making our bond even stronger than now. At least one day out of the week we take time to talk and spend time together. I am so incredibly proud of my brother and all he has accomplished with his hard work and I want him to know that. He has always been my role model and will continue to be. He has taught me that hard work and dedication really pays off in the end. Growing up with a single mom has challenged us as a family but we are truly closer than ever. Nothing can break a brother and sister bond, even if we do end up thousands of miles away from each other we will always be able to turn to one another for help and advice. I will never be able to show my brother how much he truly means to me and how thankful I am for everything he does, not just for me but our family. This project was not only helped my brother and I it was help our family become even closer. There is nothing in the world better than family and the love that they give you. I am eager to see how I can expand on this project and see what the future holds for me, my brother, my mom, and our family. I am pleased with conducting this experiment because it has truly bettered the bond

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