Essay on `` Because I Could Not Stop For Death ``

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Literature has proved to have very skewed opinions of death and the journey after. In some cases, writers portray a journey that is filled with coldness, regret, and sadness and in others, writers create a sense of warmth, reflection, and gratitude. Emily Dickinson chooses the later when she wrote the story that would later be titled “Because I could not stop for Death”, a story that depicts the journey that Death takes the speaker on towards the afterlife and immortality. From the very first line of the poem, readers understand that the poem is about death. The speaker notes how though she could not stop for Death, “He kindly stopped for me” (2). Death is not generally characterized as kind, usually people associate him with coldness and fear. Later, the speaker even notes Death’s “Civility” (8). As a result, it can be inferred that Death is not something should be feared, he is portrayed almost like a kind man helping an old woman across the street. Except instead of helping her across the street, Death is helping her cross into the afterlife. After noting Death, the speaker notes that the “The Carriage held but Ourselves-/ And Immortality” (3-4). There is a sense of irony in this situation, both Death and Immortality are in the speaker’s presence but in order to achieve immortality one must first die. So in this scenario it might be implied that the speak herself has died and is heading towards immortality as well. It is also implied from the very first line that the…

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