Essay on Beauty Pageants For Young Girls

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In today’s society, appearance is an immense factor in everyday life. The use of plastic surgery on the body and facial cosmetic operations is more popular than ever. But children that are not potty trained, do not know how to tie their shoes, or can’t even ride a bike by themselves should not be put on display in front of hundreds and thousands of people unfamiliar to them dressed and looking much older than their age. Beauty pageants for young girls have become more popular since the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” aired on TV for the first time. In 1996, a 6 year-old daughter, who was famous for beauty pageants, was left dead in her basement at her own home. The case is still being questioned as to who killed the little girl, but I can almost guarantee you that the parents wish they would have never allowed their daughter to partake in pageants. Here are some reasons why beauty pageants are fallacious for young girls.

1. Let them be kids, they can’t say no.
Children are supposed to use their first 10 or so years to grow up, learn new things, and find out who they want to become. Young kids are supposed to be playing with dolls, teddy bears and board games or running around outside with the neighbors on the block. When they act in a well behaved manner, they should get rewarded with candy, ice cream or a new toy; but, young girls these days are being rewarded with much more. A child who wins a beauty pageant is rewarded with money, a crown, electronics and/or trophies. It is…

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