Beauty Pageants And Self Esteem Essay

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Beauty Pageants and Self Esteem ”I would give anything to have a picture of what I looked like on that special day but a picture, understandably, cannot be found. My mother chose to do my hair in a bouffant (hair raised high on the head and hanging down a bit on the sides) which was popular back in the 60’s. I don’t want to take anything away from my mother’s kind gesture but I looked like a stick figure with a large soft serve ice cream on the top of my head. It was hard for me to stand upright. I’ve already shared in previous blogs that I wasn’t a particularly cute child so I had to win the contest on personality alone. The pageant was held at the school, during the summer, in the middle of a weekday, in front of a dilapidated picnic table. The judges were older kids and the host was some young guy that, I think, happened to be walking by. There were no adults and no one overseeing this fly-by-night operation. Anyway, the contest consisted of answering just one question. I don’t even remember the question. It was something non-threatening like “what is your favorite thing to do” and I remember answering, “I don’t know.” (“Words of advice: Never enter a beauty pageant with social anxiety”).” In a world where outer appearance is all that matters, beauty contests affects self-esteem (“Words of advice: Never enter a beauty pageant with social anxiety”).
What is a beauty pageant? The earliest pageants have been around since the Nineteenth Century (“Beauty Pageants Pros and…

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