Beauty Of The Night By Lord Byron Essays

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“She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron is a poem consisting of a mere eighteen lines which in those eighteen line manages to reveal a form of beauty that many people living in the fast track miss during their lifetimes. It is a form of beauty that is shown in this poem through a woman but it is also a form of beauty that requires one to perceive it a certain way to enjoy the immenseness of the beauty. This poem is divided into three different stanzas each of which describes the nameless women in comparison to the beauty of the night while getting more and more abstractly detailed as the poem progresses. This poem is a glorification of the immense beauty of a woman on every scale from physical to beyond and its goal of glorification is amped up at every turn due to the authors brilliant use of poetic devices and use of the poem itself to further its own case. This poem has a symbol right at the beginning of it and this symbol has a universally meaning however that is the meaning that is used for this symbol within the context of this poem. On line one Byron writes: “She walks in beauty, like the night” (594). The symbol here is the night which commonly is used to signify morbidness, however; here it is used as a symbol of beauty. The line is basically saying that the nameless women the poem is speaking of has beauty like that of the night which most people over look because of other reasons but if people were to stop just for a mere moment to gaze upon the beauty of the night…

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