Beauty Is Not A Direct Representation Of The Inner Self Essay

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Beauty is not a direct representation of the inner self. It does not express the qualities of a person or his or her skills. However beauty is given a powerful role. Society has placed a higher importance on physical traits instead of inner qualities, thus many women are overly obsessed with their outward look instead of bettering their inner self. Women are expected to look their best at all times. Whether they are going out to dinner, to the supermarket, or for a jog, society is not lenient on their physical qualities. Women must always have an attractiveness about them that will be pleasing to all potential viewers, this concept is called the male gaze (Source C). All are subject to the male gaze but women are generally targeted. Women are expected by society to take any steps possible that will improve their beauty. This can range from simple makeup to plastic surgery or partaking in unusual eating habits such as anorexia nervosa. Men are expected to be masculine but if a male is deemed non-masculine most of society is able to simply brush this off, but it is a whole other matter if a woman does not demonstrate physical feminism, society takes this as a direct attack on their morals and expectations and may also view this as defiance. Women are expected look similar to one another (making an attempt to reach their highest form of beauty) and act in a similar manner. This is a form of oppression towards women as they are subject to, “norm behavior,” (Source C). Although…

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