Beauty : Is It Skin Deep? Essay

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Beauty: Is it Skin Deep? The concept of beauty is a widely discussed topic in society today and has been for a very long time. The concept and also the ideal of beauty is determined by societies of the world, but may not be the same in every region. Even though different cultures have different ideas as to what beauty should be defined as, the concept and ideal of beauty has been changing since it first started, and is still changing today. To begin, today’s definition of beauty is defined as being pleasing to look at whether it is a person or an object. Beauty is studied in many different areas with the most common study being beauty in culture. Society has the proposal that a woman’s pleasing qualities are more about her physical attraction, and that having a physical attraction be what all women want. Because society has a certain definition of what the concept and ideal of beauty are, the question “Is beauty only skin deep?” comes up very often. When people talk or think about beauty, they mostly think of it as pertaining to women only. On the contrary, society had a definition of what the beauty of a man should be dating way back in time. During the ancient times, beauty was defined as having a healthy body in order to be able to survive and meet vital needs. A man’s beauty consisted of being tall and very muscular in order to cope with hunting and family support (). Even though the definition of beauty has changed drastically, this is most likely still how men’s…

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