Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder Poem Essay

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The speaker begins by emphasizing his/her determination and what he/she will “harvest,” thus demonstrating that wherever there is beauty-even though it might be in the most peculiar places-he/she will harvest/find his/her own beauty. This concept relates to the common saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” because its initial purpose is to make the reader realize that beauty can be anywhere. In addition, the initial purpose of this Italian structured sonnet is made clear through different punctuation techniques, imagery, and personification. The introduction of this poem begins with the word, “Still,” which gives an effect as if the sonnet was a continuation of a previous thought, or a previous commitment. The colon after “grows,” …show more content…
Though many people are afraid of a “cracking hinge,” in this case afraid of finding something that’s not beautiful, the author is not afraid of something unknown, thus he accepts all beauty and “push[es]” all the doors. Since everyone is “craven” towards unknown beauty, the author requests the normal people to “[t]urn back” because they are to cowardly to face true beauty. Furthermore, since people are afraid of what beauty really is, the author’s purpose for saying “I tell you Beauty bares an ultrafringe,” is to exclaim that Beauty is everywhere even outside of what normal Beauty is. Beauty has been given so much personification that the author felt a need to make Beauty uppercase as if it were a proper noun. After much emphasis, the author concludes by letting the reader think about the fact that, all this time, a “gossamer shawl,”-beauty-with strands of threads is right in front of us but we don’t notice because we are used to the normal beauty we see

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