Beauty Is A Lack Of Primary Source Essay

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While the definition of beauty states that it is a combination of qualities that pleases the sight, many people believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This means that each individual has their own views towards beauty, especially in the “ideal” beauty. Although beauty is a concept every being has recognized since their beginning of time (i.e. young children can already acknowledge the beauty in flowers), their views and ideas towards it are mostly influenced by their environment and culture. Throughout history, it can be noted that every culture has their own perspective on how they visualize beauty or what exemplifies beauty. However, it may be hard to determine how ancient cultures view beauty as there are a lack of primary sources. For instance, the people of the past are not available to explain their version of the ideal beauty. Nevertheless, their cultures and beliefs can still be learned through the evidence left behind, such as in writings, arts, and architecture. One such culture, Ancient Greece, specifically its Classical period, was known to displayed their vision on the ideal beauty by their development of naturalistic, although idealized depictions of the human body through art (mainly sculptures). Greece is a country, consisting of a mainland and an archipelago of islands, located in Southeastern Europe. It is the birthplace for many Western teachings, including philosophy, literature, mathematics, and politics. It also has a long history, which…

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