Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder Essay

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Joy Capellan
Mrs. Liscum
English 1301 -5
5 October 2015
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
Beauty is a perception of an aspect, person, or object which is opinionated by the brain; therefore, beauty can not be manifested or proven by anything since it is completely based on how and what an individual conceptualizes it to be. There are two different types of beauty: physical beauty or appearances, and inner beauty, generalized to be a person’s personality. Physical beauty is how a person carries himself, or how a person’s face and/or body looks like, whereas inner beauty is viewed to be a more complex form or beauty wherein a person’s personality, characteristics, and traits are considered. Also, inner beauty and physical beauty have similar
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In other words, physical beauty is the same as one’s appearance. The qualities of physical beauty are things such as one’s hair, facial features, clothing, body type, and skin type. Physical beauty is the beauty that a majority of today’s society worries about. When looking for a potential partner, very few people consider someone they do not find physically attractive. Physical beauty plays a huge role in modern society where appearances are far more important than one’s personality or attitude. According to a survey produced by Newsweek, both men and women consider physical beauty as the most important aspect when finding a partner or even hiring employees, while inner beauty comes …show more content…
Although an individual may think someone is attractive, other people can think otherwise. This is because physical beauty is a quality that gives gratification to one’s mind; therefore, because everyone has different opinions regarding to any matter, one person may find someone physically beautiful while someone else may not find them appealing at all. However, like physical beauty, people also have their own beliefs on what inner beauty really is. There are many factors that must be weighed in to determine a person’s definition of inner beauty such as culture and personal preferences. People have different judgements on a person’s personality. Some people can say you have inner beauty if your interests and attitudes correspond with each other and you make a connection based on that, while others care deeply about how a person’s personality is more towards putting others before themselves, and other important values. Regardless of what inner beauty is generally defined as like being kind and caring, people can still have various opinions on the

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