Beauty Essentials For The Beach Babes Essay

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5 Beauty Essentials for The Beach Babes

After the harsh rains and winters all we want is the sun beaming upon us. Welcome to summer season which is a perfect season for ultimate fun, icecreams, voguish clothesline and yes beaches. It is impossible to miss the beach fun in the summers, and if you are invited for a beach party or if you are planning a beach getaway, then girls this post is just for you. Summer and beaches are an ideal combination of fun, but if not protected they can do deadly damage to your face and body. But girls we care for you and that’s why we share with you the top 7 beauty essentials that would protect your skin and let you enjoy the beach at ease. Take a look below at our top beach essentials that are a must have in your beach bag.

1. Water- Resistant Sunscreen:
A sunscreen lotion or spray is a must have during the summers. Ideally, no girl would step out without slathering sunscreen over her skin. So, for a beach outing, we recommend you to pick a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to 30. As you would be in the water it would be great to choose a water-resistant sunscreen to protect yourself from harsh UV rays. A sunscreen with good SPF protects your skin from wrinkles, dry skin, and sunburn. Make sure your sunscreen protects your skin from breakouts due to sweat.

2. Blotting Papers:
If you are at the beach, you are sure to sweat, so if you don 't want cakey makeup due to sweat it is best to own an excellent brand blotting paper.
Blotting papers are…

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