Beauty : Beauty And Beauty Essays

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Beauty. A concept that is engraved in the mind of every woman. As little girls we twirled around in our mom’s dresses and high heals, with her glossy smooth pearls hanging from our small and delicate necks while eagerly looking in the mirror and asking our precious little selves “am I beautiful?” Beauty is a concept that is so often associated with the images like that of the little girls; that even as we age, we try to find beauty in the fabric, the accessories, and the makeup we spend countless hours and money on because society tells us it will make us “desirable” and “beautiful”. But, what if we were to look at beauty as more then what we physically clothe ourselves in? The saying about “beauty is what is on the inside” is repetitively plastered everywhere, but what if we actually stop, and just think about what means. If we reflect on what we are clothing ourselves in physically, and see how true beauty can be what we clothe ourselves in mentally, and from our hearts. The beauty that never changes with fads or trends, but is precious, treasured and timeless; a beauty that has been sought after generation after generation.
Merriam-Webster defines clothes as “the things that people wear to cover their bodies that are usually made from cloth”(Definition). This definition serves as the perfect starting point. Women’s regulations about “proper attire” have been around for many centuries. From hoop skirts, to poodle skirts to denim skirts, the times have altered the…

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