Beauty And Personal Care Market Essay

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Even the large conglomerate Procter and Gamble is susceptible to the hardships of the economy and competition. Procter and Gamble’s revenue growth has slowed and in August of 2014 P&G announced it could sell about half of its brands in the next two years. (Kumar) It reflects concerns that the company expanded too fast to navigate an increasingly competitive market. In turn, the strategy shift enables Procter and Gamble to focus now on their core brands, to satisfy the current demands. Today 's consumers are more concerned with preserving a youthful appearance and preventing the harmful effects of sun exposure. The concern for one’s self-image and the preoccupation of how they are perceived by others are the key trends driving the beauty and personal care market. Beauty and personal care in the US is predicted to see a positive performance during the forecast period 2013-2018. (Beauty and Personal care) CoverGirl cosmetics offer products for all cosmetics needs, targeting young teens through the working woman with their products such as Pantene and CoverGirl. In the fast paced environment, consumers are looking to purchase easy to use cosmetics that provide a fresh and natural look
Procter and Gamble’s key promotional advertising strategy is using captivating, target specific commercials on outlets including popular cable channels and mainstream internet TV streaming websites. Procter and Gamble has a commercial to cater to a broad span of female consumers. The signature…

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