Essay on Beauty And Beauty Of Cosmetics

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word cosmetics? It certainly isn’t in your everyday discussion, but still; does makeup come to mind? Or hair and skin care? Maybe nothing comes to mind at all. However, cosmetics are everywhere! Cosmetics include products we socialize in our everyday routines allowing us to maintain our hygiene and keep our skin and hair properly moisturized for a picture perfect appearance. But why not get deeper? Who are the masterminds behind these divine creations? What knowledge shall I obtain? What do I have to do in order to be where they are right now, and how long will it take? I’m not looking for a short-term job, I’m looking for a career with ambition and long-term benefits.
Well first, what are cosmetics? Cosmetics, commonly known as makeup, have a wide spectrum of products that are used to complement your appearance and body odor. So then you ask yourself, what is a Cosmetic Chemist? Cosmetic Chemist are scientists who have met their educational requirements and have earned the name (scientist) by taking on their required responsibilities. These individuals equipped with the knowledge to control aging and give our hair its impeccable shine, are held responsible for the new developments of products and testing, preparing solutions that will be used in the lab, and writing technical reports. Even though most of the formulations happen in the formulation branch of cosmetics, this knowledge is required for all Cosmetic Chemists. For…

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