Beauty : A Combination Of Qualities Essay

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Beauty: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. The definition of beauty, when defined by the dictionary really gives the word “beauty” a sense of it being of an object, like a piece of art or a sculpture perhaps. However, we know this is not so because everyday we see some form of “beauty” that we as people try to achieve. Everyone wants to have that perfect image and portrayal of beauty that can be seen by everyone, yet what we all fail to realize is that beauty can be portrayed differently from person to person. While I may look at someone and say they 're the most beautiful person I have ever seen, someone else may look and say the opposite. This goes deeper than just what we see, it 's broken down into a science as to why certain people see other things differently. Nevertheless, there are qualities a person may have that are “beautiful” to us. This idea is shown in Melanie Martinez 's song called “Mrs. Potato Head”. Delving in we can see right away what the song is about. She starts off talking about how women can now customize their face much like the actual toy. Referring to the new facial features as “ornaments”, which as I stated before shows that beauty can be related to objects, rather than viewing a person, in whole, as beautiful. In today 's society however, with just some money, and deep insecurity, anyone can become who they want.
In an article regarding the rises in plastic surgery…

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