Beautiful Day Of Death In Somalia-Crime, (Omar, Feisal)

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This image portrays the brutally common practice of execution in Somali

On this calm relaxing, beautiful day of death in Somalia. Reuters, photographer Feisal Omar captures an image of a brutal execution. "Three men found guilty by a Somalia military court of killing civilians and masterminding a recent attack on the Presidential Palace stand tied to poles shortly before they were executed by a firing squad. These three men are hopelessly bound to their individual poles. They have bare feet and white blind folds. These men terrifyingly await their unimaginable deaths from what appears to be a large group of less than motivated young military men. There are also higher ranking officials watching over them all just waiting to give the order to execute. Nevertheless the military execution squad just stands there as if this was just another day at work. This image portrays the brutally common practice of execution in Somali.
This Image shows the brutality of executions; by stringing up 3 men with heavy bindings from their ankles to their
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There was a large group of soldiers that stood in formation in what seemed to be a very relaxed state. These 7 men were lined up guns in hand in firing squad formation. A larger group of men standing behind them, and out to their sides. Also there were higher ranking officers at either side of the execution squad. I wonder what could be going through the mind of these men preparing to commit pre-meditated murder on three men they really know nothing about other than the court finding them guilty. ( Feisal) This seems to throwback to the brutal blood-begets-blood mentality of the frontier era. Where people were shot and killed because of not much more than here

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