Beats By Dre Headphones

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Johnston, L. (February 16, 2015). Beats Still Tops In Headphones. Twice: This Week in Consumer Electronics, 30, 4.)

The Beats by Dre headphones have continued to sell at an exponential rate in the headphones market. Due to the beats bluetooth effects, advertising campaign, sound, varieties and styles they have higher sell rates than the other top companies such as Bose, Jay- Bird, Sennheiser and Sony. They induce celebrities and athletes to represent their brand and continue to make more designs for the company to grow in the market. The varieties of these headphones allow them to target multiple audiences especially athletes since they continue to to put together sports and wireless traits in these headphones.
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They show the flags in the commercial along with geographics of other nations. By using soccer, they can get the attention of all ethnicities because soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Therefore this marketing strategy is very effective because they can enter a new international market. The commercial also shows multiple celebrities, sports figures and businessmen promoting their gear. It starts off in an impoverished area and we see it slowly head towards sports arenas and the faces of top athletes appear. Once again the beats campaign target several audiences by including top trending men and women. I will use this source in my argument to reveal to my readers how beats by dre has broadcasted itself to be seen around the world and acknowledged around the world as well. By expanding all over the globe beats can show its dominance in the audio world in several foreign …show more content…
The company was shunned at first for its sound effects and now they controls almost 70 percent of the market for premium headphones.A major factor of why they became powerful in the industry was the marketing campaign. For instance when Lebron James and his teammates wore these headphones to the Olympics where they could be seen all over the world. That is an effective marketing strategy and this company entered the market when headphones were at one of its lowest points. iPhone headphones were ineffective and music was being tarnished because consumers wanted a product that could give them that sound and Beats Co-Founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, and Beats President Luke Wood strived to create this device. Now the company is worth $3.2 billion and they still are coming out with new ideas. The next move they are focusing on is creating great sound with bluetooth and trying to prove wireless can sound

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