Beatles : The Best Band Of All Time With Their Lasting Commercial Success

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The Beatles can be considered the best band of all time with their lasting commercial success, and their continuing influence on contemporary music. There 's no denying that The Beatles changed the music industry profoundly. From the way album covers appeared, to writing their own songs, to innovative recording techniques, The Beatles led the way to change what rock bands could do. The Beatles were not just a band “who made it very, very big” as John Lennon said. The Beatles became an international phenomenon (All You Need to Know About The Beatles 1). John Lennon formed a skiffle group, The Quarry Men, in March 1957. On July 6 that year, he met Paul McCartney while playing at the Woolton Parish Fete and the two were soon playing music together (A Brief History 1). Shortly after McCartney joined the group, he began to recommend an old school friend to Lennon. Lennon refused to even audition this friend because he was only 14. However, Lennon finally relented, and on February 6, 1958 (19 days short of his 15th birthday) he auditioned George Harrison. After playing “Raunchy” Harrison became the newest member of the group (History of The Beatles 1). The group went through several names. They adopted names such as the Johnny and the Moondogs, The Silver Beetles, The Beatals, The Silver Beatles, and eventually The Beatles. As well as several names, the band went through several members, the more noteworthy of these would be Lennon 's closest friend Stuart (Stu) Sutcliffe and…

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