Beat The Clock Analysis

The wellbeing of a family is usually the responsibility of the man in the family, although this is not always the case. Many times a family finds itself in a plight when there is a risk that the father working might lose his job, or the possibility of losing the closeness of a family. Additionally, it is sometimes common that the woman in the family will choose to work as well, so to have extra money if need be. This however, is not the best idea for the family as it can make a situation worse in some cases. Additionally, parents also have to worry for their children for example, if they become ill. This means that parents rarely have days off as they need to care for their kids and can also jeopardize their chances at making a living. Having working parents can benefit a family, but it can also split one.

Working long hours of different shifts takes its toll on a person, and can also affect the people involved in the person’s life. In Marilyn Gardner More Working Parents Play “Beat the Clock”, she goes into extensive detail on
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Parents already have the problem of figuring out who takes care of the kids and when, but there is often the problem where a kid gets sick and one of the parent needs to care for him/her. With this in theoretical problem in mind, parents are rarely able to take a day off themselves. When they’re sick or not feeling their usual selves, they still must show up for work so to use their day off for times when their children may be sick. In Christopher Mele’s Sick Parents Go to Work, Stay Home When Kids Are Ill, she says, “When I got the Stomach Flu that she had and the boys had, I had to go into work with that.” Parents who go to work sick put less into their job and end up giving up much of their personal care. Because of this, some parents lose their job due to not working as much when they’re preset and because they must stay home to take care of their

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