Bermuda Triangle Of Sand: A Short Story

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Dawn. The cunning sun is creeping its way through the eerie clouds. Still warming up, it lets the cold sunrays fall onto the damp shore. Picking up the brown sand the swift breeze attacks you. You shelter yourself and let the microscopic granules pass by, and pursue the next destination – the tropical forest right behind you. As if they are vigorously uprooted seaweed, tree branches hopelessly lean in to get closer to the blue lagoon of the wild sea. Holding your breath, your heart is beating in the cadence to the rhythmic rocking of the waves. Sleek water surfaces. Almost dissolving into foam, they are calling for you to reach them. So tempting, nearly irresistible to touch. You desire to test if the water is as heavenly as it seems. Your fingers are so tempted to slide through the azure …show more content…
Slowly sinking into the Bermuda Triangle of sand, a desperate gasp for mere slivers of air escapes your mouth. Suddenly an elliptical shadow appears on the horizon; gripping it with a weak wrist, your muscles contract to push you up with all your might. As the tangled blonde strands of hair fall on your eyes and dim your vision, the object you clutch alerts all the senses. It is cold, slimy and slippery. Its exterior resembles of sharks’ fins. A little reminder – it is a wild beach in the middle of nowhere and anything can happen here. Swallowing hard, a gulp of air enters your tensed lungs; gradually letting go of the possible danger that you might have been holding, you rub the dirt off the eyes. As you widely opened your eyes, waves of relief spread through your strained body. It was just a surfboard stuck on the coast and you were worrying so much about it. Shaking the dry sand off the surfboard’s surface, the rough granules smoothly slide down your skin. Struggling to cleanse the palms from the sticky grains, your legs bend towards the water. Dipping the hands in the clear water, you let the sea soak them with the distinct scent of

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