Be Yourself : An Inspirational Movie About Racism, Women Relationships, And Feminism

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Be Yourself
Fried Green Tomatoes, created in 1991, is an inspirational movie about racism, women relationships, and feminism. The main character Evelyn Couch, played by the talented Kathy Bates, discovers the courage to stand up for herself and her inner "Towanda" through the motivating stories and sociological imagination of Ninny Threadgoode, a spirited old woman, played by Jessica Tandy. It is a story of changing the demeaning social structures of society and replacing the belittling sociological perspective of women everywhere. The gifted actresses in the movie play the roles of their characters flawlessly, accentuating the true meaning of the south in the eras they portray. Like the book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café written in 1987, which the film was based on, this adaptation emphasizes the racial issues of the 1920 's to the 1930 's, the bonds of friendship and love between women, and most of all the common aspects of feminism. Idgie Threadgoode, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, who Mrs. Threadgoode spins the tale back to the 1920 's is a model feminist character. She is portrayed as a “tomboy” from her youth. She is rebellious, and she rejects all gender roles as arbitrary. She skips church, hates dresses, and enjoys spitting. She is always independent and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She shows her friend, Ruth that there was more to life than being an obedient woman and taking the mistreatment of her…

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