Be Specific Essay

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Be Specific The sun was shining on the flower in the window, no, wait, scratch that. The summer sun was shining on the pink rose sitting on the windowsill. Now doesn't that sound better? Natalie Goldberg believes people should be specific. It paints a vivid picture when we do. Buying a book of the names of plants and flowers in her environment was her start to feeling ore connected and grounded to our Earth. To know what you are looking at on the path to your home from school may make you see the world, but in a new, more interesting way. Learn everybody's name. Know what kind of flowers you display at home. Investigate and find out what the air smells like today. Ground yourself and your mind. Goldberg wants you to let her know …show more content…
Goldberg listens to Williams when he said to "Write what's in front of your nose." (91) Its a good thing to know what's right in front of us. She makes a reference to Williams poem Daisy. "The days-eye hugging the earth/ in August… " (91) wrote Williams. The line continues with a description of the plant he mentioned, the days-eye, with such detail and life. Goldberg tells us to sharpen our awareness to every moment. To expand our horizons will help us to live a fuller life and feel much more connected to our Earth. Goldberg wants us to study what we experience each day, smell a flower and know its scent. What flower is it that you're smelling? By knowing exactly what it is in front of your nose is putting you in the now. You are digging deeper into today and the present moment. The Earth can teach us so much if we would only listen. Not only do we connect with our surroundings but we can improve our social skills. Small talk is no longer so small. The closer we get to what’s right in front of us the more we will experience. We will be able to answer questions and feel a difference from the world we thought we knew. Evidentially, while learning about the Earth, writers become artists. In class learn everyone’s name because it will help you. Goldberg says it will ground us and make us more attentive to each other's work. Good idea. She says "A writer is at once everything- an architect, French cook,

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