Be Green Be Healthy Or Compassionate? Essay example

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Be Green be Healthy
Many people ask themselves how to become healthier and compassionate with our planet. Those people are the people that we need to change our world. We need people who really care about the pollution of our environment, we need people with compassion. If all humans’ beings had compassion, the world could be better in so many different ways. For example, if we have compassion for our environment we would take care of our planet and we could fix all the corruption in this world has. If we have compassion, we should be able to love animals and not torture them or eat them because they can feel, they have family and they are a huge important factor in our universe. While men keep killing these amazing creatures we would never be able to find health and peace in this world. However, one of the best ways to start loving and taking care of our planet is becoming a vegetarian. In addition, being vegetarian can change one’s mind, can increase our spiritual desires and can help to prevent cancer and other mortal diseases.
Some vegetarians are for religious reasons, or because they believe that eating should not kill animals; others consider the vegetarian diet is healthier not only for the body but also for the spiritual development benefits. “But there is many people who adopt vegetarianism simply because they believe will favor their health” (Anderson 1) from this last point of view, the vegetarian diet has many aspects in its favor: generally contains…

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