Bcom/275 Knowing Your Audience Essay

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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release

Knowing Your Audience
To the family of the trapped miners I would chose to use the face-to-face approach since such a sensitive matter at hand where their family member’s lives are at risk. The considerations that you need to keep in mind when addressing the family members is that many of them are going to be frightened and scared for the safety of their family members. You will want to have all your facts and be prepared to answer many difficult questions concerning the well-being of the miners and how long it is going to take to rescue them, as well as providing them with the facts about how this happened. A good thing to do in a situation like this is to offer
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I want to remind everyone that we, as miners, are work is survival so all of the miners trapped are survivors and we will do everything we can do to bring them home. We know that it is going to take some time to get them home but we are actively working at providing the trapped miners with all the supplies they need to not only sustain their health but to provide them with entertainment to past the time without becoming frantic and prevent them from going into panic mode. We also will be encouraging them to actively exercise as much as they can in order to keep themselves in shape being that they will need to attain a waist-line no more than 35 inches in order to make it out of the tunnel that the rescuers are preparing to dig. We will be conducting daily conferences to update all employees of the progress of the rescue and to answer any questions or concerns that you all may have.

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