Essay on Bcom 275 Complete Course Material All Weeks 1-5

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BCOM 275 Complete Course Material All Weeks 1-5

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BCOM 275 Complete Course Material
BCOM 275 All Class Assignments and DQs – A Graded Material
BCOM 275 Week 1 Individual Exercise 1.1
Complete exercise 1.1 from Ch. 1 of Communicating in the Workplace.
Choose two misunderstandings you experienced and fill out the chart for these.
Respond to questions 1 and 2 shown under the chart for each
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• Identify any logical fallacies in the argument. Format your rebuttal consistent with APA guidelines. BCOM 275 week 3 Team Assignment Learning Team Debate Paper Outline
Resources: Debate Paper assignment requirements located in Week Five.
Create an outline for the Debate Paper that will be used to write the paper. Include all references to be used in the paper. Resource: “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” article found in the Electronic Reserve Readings. Research additional articles and information about the Chilean mine collapse.
BCOM 275 week 4 Individual Assignment Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper using this and other articles as a resource. Because communications must be designed with the audience in mind, answer the following questions: • What are some considerations to remember given the different roles and people in the audience?
• What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident?
• What would be the potential needs of the company’s employees when receiving a message about this incident?
• What actions must you take before and after the message is delivered to ensure that it was received as intended? Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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