Bcaa Research Paper

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Nick Scott
Ergogenic aid research paper

Branched Chain Amino Acids

In choosing branched chain amino acids for my ergogenic aid project, I took a few different things into account. When looking at the list provided to our class for this project, I told myself that I wanted a challenge. I wanted to work on a topic that I knew very little about to begin with. Some of the choices off of the ergogenic aid list seemed to easy and broad. Options such as protein and alcohol would seem to be rather easy and bland. To begin with, I had heard of amino acids and branched chain amino acids. However, I knew next to nothing about them. Instead of covering the broad topic of all the amino acids, this topic allowed myself to go deeper
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This is where branched chain amino acids come into play. These amino acids can supply growth, repair, and maintenance to the individuals muscles after their workout. The theory behind branched chain amino acids is that they contain anti-catabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and catabolic (muscle building) effects. Theories suggest that halting cellular breakdown in the human body and slowing down the breakdown of proteins can make it easier for an individual to put on lean muscle mass. Effectiveness of BCAA supplements can vary. Just like all other supplements out there, supplementing BCAA’s can vary upon several things such as the individuals diet, and workout regimen. Individuals may also need to figure out when to take such a supplement. Just because one athlete might be best taking a BCAA supplement in the morning, doesn’t mean it will be best for all athletes. BCAA’s are claimed to be the third most important supplement needed by athletes looking to gain muscle mass, just behind protein and creatine. Throughout several clinical studies of BCAA supplements, most recommend taking this type of supplement right after ones workout. At this point, the amino acids will boost insulin release in order to stimulate growth of the muscles and restore muscle glycogen.

When it comes to safety and legal aspects of this ergogenic aid, there are

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