Bbqfun Marketing Strategy

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• development of displays and signs:
Brand creating with text and photo include product’s detail about prices, product’s functional or other important information on products.

Review the profile of the market segment that is the target audience for the company, including positioning and marketing mix for each segment.
Market segment Positioning Marketing mix
Individual customers
• interested in outdoor lifestyle
• prefer to doing things themselves
• Age between 20-50 years old
• Interested in Australian own business
• Interested in online shopping
• Prefer good quality products and services • It refers to the differentiating of the business’s products or services to gain customers recognition in the marketshare. For effective competitive
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Marketing Proposal
Proposal’s title : Proposal for marketing activities
Company’s name :BBQfun
Date of issue :21st November 2016
Proposal issued by :Ms. Jularat Thanganan
Details of proposal : BBQfun is one of the leading retailer for outdoor-lifestyle in Australia who offer BBQ accessories and outdoor furniture products. According to the current industry trends. There are three things that the company needs to consider including the internet things, opening business to innovation and wearable technology. In relation to the company’s current marketing mix which including product, price, promotion and advertisement, and distribution of products.
Product : the company provides both indoor and outdoor BBQ product and BBQ accessories.
Price : the company offers special price, discount price and percentage of sales products which the company emphasise quality over affordability with three years guarantee.
Promotion and advertisement : Advertising via advertisement on magazines is the most successfully for the company. It is also use personal selling and sales promotion to increase sell and maximise its profit

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