Bbking Homecoming Essay examples

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DATE MAY 26,2013

On June 5TH of every year, the town of Indianola, Miss county Sunflower in Miss set aside a day nationally known as B.B.KING HOMECOMING FESTIVAL. This event take place in downtown Indianola, Miss population 35,000 people I must admit a small town with a lots of love. At this big event Mr. King arrives in town by his personal charter bus, at the B.B. KING Museum where he will meet and greet the town officials. The Mayor and other city officials will gather around and have a big luncheon. Next he will perform for the kids at 5 p.m. until about 1030 p.m. at night. On the front lawn next to the
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King to perform for the public and yes the kids get in free but the adults have to pay $10.00dollars at the gates. As the tourist arrives in town by motorcycles ,mobile homes, buses ,vans, and all different style and means of transportation the town is crowed people from as far as China comes to see and hear B.B.KING. There are vendors that displays crafts, food, vegetables, and souveiners gifts ,between 4 and 5 o’clock the motorcycle and bar- b-que cook off begin the aroma of the pig with and apple stuck in his mouth and the corn roasting beside it makes you moth watery from seeing the glazed cherry juiced mixed with brown sugar, bragging rights are a must .The kids time 2 clowns performs tricks with ballons, water,and birds it’s a really hot and steamy day in June the sun sit in the west as the body heat from the runners running in the parks sweat streaming, down their face as they run and make their way to the finish line to get a bottle of water, or cold gateorade .As time passes by security on the golf cart patrolling the streets, to make sure no one breaks the law or having open containers while kids are in the areas. All kinds of patrons visit the museums to see the many displays of his Grammy Awards, his legendary guitar “LUCILLE”, studded color of black and white also along with other relic of a legendary blues

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