Bbc Worldwide Case Essay

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BBC Worldwide: Global Strategy Case

Company Overview
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was formed in 1922 by a group of radio manufacturers in order to popularize the new medium and create content for customers to listen to on their new devises. The organization grew as it developed a radio transmitter network and started looking at other media types. However, due to an issue of license fee collection, the BBC experienced heavy financial losses which caused the original radio manufacturers to pull out of the entity. To enable the entity to continue operating, a Royal Charter was created to fund the entity moving forward. BBC still operates under that charter which is reviewed every 10 years and the funding comes from a License
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Also, BBC WW’s flexibility and willingness to partner with the right companies, provides a slew of growth opportunities.

BBC‘s reliance on the U.K. market could spell trouble and will not provide significant growth for the future. Also, the fact that BBC WW licenses most of its programing to other broadcasters can potentially negatively impact the BBC brand.

Based on the above SWOT analysis, it is clear that if BBC WW expects to continue on its path of profit growth, it will need to do a better job serving global markets, and specifically the U.S. market. They will need to do this by increasing brand awareness in the U.S. and that means that they will need to increase the size of their U.S. staff. They will need to hire new leaders with experience in the U.S. market to help make the right decisions as they relate to the U.S. audience and culture.

They will also need to pick the right partner and make sure they are very clear on their intent in order to avoid future complications. This partner should help BBC re-vamp its image of a news provider to a complete media company.

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