Bbab And Target Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Target stresses the importance and relies heavily on the fact that their company is a fun, vibrant team working together to achieve a common goal; to sell retail merchandise like nobody else. They attempt to inspire their employees and encourage innovation; fresh ideas that will continue to make Target an exciting place to be. They want their employees to feel valued as an integral part of a team that is trying to do something new and exciting. They boast that they employ leaders in every role within the organization and that the onus is on the employee to grow and develop with the people they work with. Target prides itself on being a fun, and exciting place to work, with great people and opportunities to grow within an organization that cares about them. BBAB however, is slightly different in its approach to empowering their employees. Their approach could be termed outdated in the sense they do not necessarily sell themselves as a new ‘chic’ retailer trying to change the world. Instead, they attempt to provide a work environment in which an employee can flourish if they are committed to the organization and work hard. They pride themselves on providing adequate benefits and compensation to their employees in hopes that the employee will return the favor with their loyalty to the organization. They strongly protect the interests of their workers in regards to their occupational health and safety policies, feeling that with a safe work environment, employees will feel safe and work harder. They are extremely committed to having clear lines of communication between management and their employees, and take pride in the fact they feel they do what is right for everyone in the organization. It is through providing this sense of security and safety that BBAB shows loyalty to its employees, and hopes that by showing they care, in return, their …show more content…
The idea here is that employees who are highly visible and in positions of authority exemplify the desired behavior they wish the entire workforce to emulate. By having executives and associates conduct themselves in a way conducive to that of Targets desired culture, there is hope of a trickle-down effect. If those on the bottom line see their superiors being innovative and dedicated to developing imaginative ideas, creating a fun and exciting work environment, then they will follow suit and feel empowered and encouraged to do the same in their position. If executives are working in teams and with one another to achieve a common goal, as Target prides themselves on doing, then those new to the organization with do the

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