Legal Case Study: Company Profile Of Bayer

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1) The company I chose to profile is Bayer. Bayer is a global enterprise with companies in almost every country. The profile I have highlighted is the Canadian sector. This company provides multiple employee benefits; even including considering opening a new location for employees that move to a city where no current office is open. The extensive list of employee perks begins here:

Medical benefits- As part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 95% of the premiums, the plans are flexible and can be customized depending on the level of coverage and employee wishes. Included in the medical benefits is a Family Planning. Bayer helps employees with their family planning, offering a generous $15,000 subsidy for in vitro fertilization as
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They encourage and support all staff to achieve their maximum potential through continuous learning and effective career management. Not only do the vast array of internal programs featuring various online tools and resources, as well as external, customized training and leadership programs, but they have employee mentoring programs as well, training. Associates can further their career through these internal tools or take advantage of the tuition reimbursement …show more content…
They welcome new hires with open arms providing them with a welcome kit with a fact sheet, a checklist for the first day, benefit information sheet and even provide a work buddy for the first day, this buddy takes them on their tour and welcomes them to the company. This type of welcoming environment is one of the reasons Bayer scored a 92 per cent in employment engagement in 2014; it starts at day one. They focus on work-life balance, encourage community involvement and employee participation. The amount of rewards offered has made it a highly sought out place to work in its 2014 employment engagement survey, keeping their employee 's happy means they don 't want to leave.
Recommendations to the Wilson Brothers:
Complete a job analysis: for each job in the company in order to create a proper job description.
Create job performance evaluations for each role, with the job descriptions, will provide the basis and criteria for which employees will have their performance appraised. These criteria will need to be communicated to all employees so they will need to do to have a successful review at the end of the year which could impact any bonuses or pay raise they receive. Only when employees have role clarity will they be motivated to achieve, this is because they will have a higher belief that their effort will produce the expected

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