Essay on Bayeaux Tapestry Experience

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Assignment 2- Bayeux Tapestry Experience

Dana Whitcomb

Professor Dr. Jane El-Yacoubi

HUM 111

17 November 2011

I write this letter to the people of France, my countrymen and family. I, William, Duke of Normandy am on the verge of solidifying our great nation with land that was rightfully entitled to me. After breaking an oath of allegiance, Harold of Wessex shall pay the ultimate price for his treasonous act of claiming a crown not meant for him. Now as we prepare to wage battle, with the backing of the Pope and all the Holy powers blessed upon me, I shall be victorious.

Thanks to the friendly winds which guided us across the channel, we arrive
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Helmets and chain mail, the typical armor of the day cover our army for protection (Hagen, 2005). I am confident our armory is sufficiently stocked to inflict the destruction needed for victory. The English army is well defended itself. Trenches are dug to counter our horses and to bide time for man on man combat with the skill of their axe men. English axe men pose a serious problem to our cavalry. It has been said that an English axe can easily sever a horse’s head and cut deeply into the earth ( (Hagen, 2005). Alas, the English are no match for our strength! The time has come and the battle for my Kingdom begins.

Harold and his soldiers hide from the rain of arrows unleashed upon them. Then as they look up from their defenses, we will ride upon them and be ready to strike. As I lead the charge I cannot help but notice the shields employed by the English. Besides their strength and protection, the artistry and craftsmanship amaze me as I prepare to strike my lance into the chest of the English beast.

Both sides are brave and suffer losses as men hack and spear each other to death. Dead and wounded soldiers litter the battlefield in a stench that can only be described by death itself. For you people of France, I will fight on as inspiration surrounds this arena. Even my brother, Bishop Odo of Bayeux takes part in this campaign for he too supports my entitlement. Being a member of the clergy, “Odo uses a club rather than

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