Essay on Battling Child Exploitation With Digital Forensics

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Battling Child Exploitation with digital forensics is a well written article discussing the outrageous growth of child sex trafficking due to the growth of technology and the easy access to speedy communication around the world. The increase in this category of crimes is in a 1,000-percent increase since 2004. Along with that statistic, “The National Consumers League states 56 percent of children between the ages of eight and twelve have a cellphone, with the average age of receiving a first hone being 10-11.” Consequently, not even the growth of our technology fed world is the problem, but the age at which we are allowing technology consumption is as well a figure to be noted.
Predators today use the internet, phones, apps, etc. to commit their crimes. In this scenario how would one fight this battle? The best way to fight against these criminal is to take the ‘fight fire with fire’ approach. With the growth of technology we can as well create our own technology and use it to find the criminals. Technology isn’t just the downfall to the growth of such heinous crimes, but with the help from technology trained personals can save many lives. This article in particular introduces the new technology that has been introduced to do just that. The fact that today “one in 25 children ages ten to seventeen receive an online sexual solicitation is which the solicitor tried to make offline contact” is beyond culturally okay and illustrates the large need for technology aid in…

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