Battle Royale By Ralph Ellison Essay

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Although not as devastating as it was in the past, not all race were treated equally in society in the United States. In the short story, “Battle Royale”, the narrator thoughts that he has gain the respect of the white citizen in the community only to later realized that it was more of a lesson for him to know his “place” as he was later ridicule at the smoker he was invited to. Throughout the story, readers will noticed how the characters acted as the event unfolds and the symbols that shows how blacks were treated unfairly and even looked down upon. Through the use of “Battle Royale”, Ralph Ellison illustrates how race greatly influenced how people lived their lives years ago when there was little to no racial equality. In "Battle Royale" by Ralph Ellison, one of the things that readers will notice is that the narrator, who is black, has no moment where he attempts to defy those who are white. Even though he was highly praised, he is not exempt from being humiliated like every other black person at the time the story takes place in. The first instance of the narrator being degraded is near the beginning of the story inside the ballroom. The narrator and his friends were invited to a smoker and upon arriving they see that the first entertainment of the night was a stripper. The narrator thought as he was watching, "to feel the soft thighs, to caress her, and destroy her, to love her and murder her, to hide from her, and yet to stroke where below the American flag tattooed…

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