Baton Rouge As I Knew It Perished Very Early Sunday Morning Essay

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Baton Rouge as I knew it perished very early Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon many of my friends that I had grown up with were leaving their water ridden homes with nothing but broken hearts and the clothing on their backs. Many were scheduled to begin school on the same day as me but in some instances there will be no school to go to. There will be no home to leave from or return to once the school day has ended. Bright-eyed freshman were looking forward to finally getting a taste of the college life after the restrictive grip of high school but there is only pain, anger, and confusion. On August 13, 2016, Baton Rouge was washed away with the worst flood in its history and I was washed right along with it.
I originally was not going to submit an application because I wanted to reserve it "for those who needed it the most". Ironically, I turned into one of the neediest applicants in the span of two hours. This essay is very hard to write as I am deeply affected by all that has happened in the last two days. My parents spent the better part of their years working for the US Postal Service not earning the right to retire until 2012. They have always wanted the best for me and they have always scrapped together every penny to provide the best life experience that they could. I have been to various countries and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an out-of-state college with a tuition waiver.
On Saturday morning around 4 a.m. I received a text that the home that…

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