Brenaffleck Research Paper

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August 22nd 2013 around 10 o’clock at night, the announcement that many cinematic comic book fans have long been awaiting arrived. With this announcement came many “boos”, and cheers, some misunderstandings and hatred. This is because actor and director Ben Affleck was awarded the role to play the new incarnation of the famous caped crusader Batman. His role as Daredevil, another costumed do-gooder, is one of the reasons that he is being doubt for the role. I myself was among the first to hear about this decision and as a teen in this day and age immediately took to Twitter only to find more hatred and scrutiny for the actor. Within minutes #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck became trending worldwide. This choice for the next Batman has sparked a mix of emotions and feelings in many people and it has been greatly shown through Twitter and other social media.
Heath Ledger, a name that once had little to no meaning but after the 2008 release of “The Dark Knight” is a name that is notorious and forever will live in infamy. He too was also doubted my many other critics and moviegoers. When the announcement of him filling the role of the famous clown prince of crime Joker, the internet, like with Affleck, filled itself with backlash, disgust and/or
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Other well-known actors such as George Clooney and Adam West have also played Batman. Adam West was able to give Affleck the encouraging words of ""With the cape and cowl comes great responsibility"(Usmar). This showing a sense of ethos in the sense that Adam West is an "expert" in the subject matter of Batman and therefore knows what goes into the role along with wanting to recommend the best for Affleck. Many fans and critics say that because of Affleck’s many other movies were thought to be bad, now that he is the new Batman, the Superman/Batman movie will be bad and will detriment the character along with “destroy the franchise”

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