Essay about Bathroom Discrimination Against The Transgender Community

745 Words Nov 25th, 2016 3 Pages
The main focus of this article, from CNN, was on bathroom discrimination against the transgender community. Rather than having to choose between the standard men and women’s bathrooms, or the individual bathroom for those with disabilities, the transgender community has fought for their own rights to a bathroom in which they can feel “safe.” One of the first issues that was raised dealt with the legality of transgender bathrooms across the nation. This issue made its way to the school setting when one transgender high school student, Gavin Grimm, felt as if he were being discriminated against. CNN reports that “Grimm and his mother told officials at Gloucester High School in 2014 that although his birth certificate recorded him as a female, he had transitioned to being male and had legally changed his name. The school initially allowed him to use the boys’ bathroom but reversed course after members of the community expressed concern.” In this situation, Grimm is representative of the transgender population and one of the most common issues they face. This is not the first incident where members of the transgender community have struggled with their bathroom rights. In mid-2016, North Carolina faced similar issues with transgender bathroom regulation, which stirred conflict. Being that the trans* community does not fall under the immediate gender binary, but instead, the broad spectrum that is gender, this places Grimm and others who have transitioned/identify as…

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