Batch Processing Essay

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Batch Processing (AIS).
There are two types of data processing cycle/methods in an Accounting information system, One is known as Batch processing method and the other is a real time processing method. The batch is a group of similar transactions that are accumulated over time and then processed together. The transactions must be independent from one another during the time period over which the accumulation of transaction has been done in an organized order which is appropriated for batch processing. There is always a time lag exists between the event and the processing. In batch processing the transaction data is stored in a transaction file till the performance of master file update. The storing of transaction file may occur through
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At the end of the billing month the data is collected as a batch process and the card holder easily gets an accurate bill for the transactions done by him throughout whole month.
Real-time processing system will be a realistic choice in the given situation.
The operating system that is used in a manufacturing or production concern industries are the best examples of real-time processing systems, because in these industries a quick response is needed to be recorded so that proper measures should be taken in that regard. These industries need to record the response of an event at a predetermined time.
Resource use is one characteristic used to distinguish between batch and real-time systems. Explain.
In real time system the user initiates transactions through his interaction with usually an input screen and then send the data for the purpose of its processing. The response comes immediately for the next cycle of reading that is input, sending, processing and response. While on the other hand in the batch processing the input records are held in a file or files . Those inputs goes through the batch processing which deals with all records without any further interactions. The batch processing is done without any user interaction while in the real –time system there is a need of user interaction for the performance of all tasks.
A good example of batch processing is a payroll processing of a national business in which nearly every master file record is affected. The

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