Basketball : The Game Of Basketball Essay

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Major 3 Basketball has been played by many people in the world. You’ll at least play basketball once in your lifetime. Basketball legends started off the same as everyone and that’s playing basketball for the first time. It must of came natural to them so they made it a passion and living out of basketball. Basketball is kinda a difficult sport to play if you don’t know what you 're doing. Basketball includes passing, shooting, stealing, blocking, and rebounding the ball. It all isn 't easy and if you practice and do it the right way it won’t be so hard. You need to learn how to dribble the ball so you can move around the court to attempt to score for you and your teammates. Here are several tips to help you get better at the legendary game of basketball. In basketball you want be good on the offense of side. The goal is to move the ball around enough to get a wide open shot for points and you want to do this every time you have the ball. When you get the ball you 're in a triple threat position. You can either pass, shoot or dribble the ball. Make sure the ball is secure so the opponent doesn 't steal it from you. If you want to shoot you can make a quick jab step move to make your opponent slide off you. You can do a crossover and turn it into a lay up or even a jump shot. If you want to pass you can take a dribble and a step and bounce or chest pass the ball to your teammate and he then has a choice to dribble, shoot, or pass. You can dribble if no ones open and the…

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