Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Basketball Player

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I couldn’t wait for the season to start. I was so excited to play basketball that I told my best friend who was on the girls’ basketball team. Since I was going to play Unified basketball, I needed to practice. My best friend gave a basketball to me for my birthday so I could practice for the season. Since it was so cold out, I had to practice in my garage. Once it got warmer out, I went to one of my friends house to shoot on their hoop. At the time, I didn’t have my own hoop to shoot on.
At the beginning of April, practices began for the season and I only practiced twice a week. Most of my team were boys including someone who bowled with me on Fridays. At the second practice, I got to pick the jersey number that I wanted to wear. I picked 31 because my favorite college women’s basketball player is number 30 and my best friend’s brother is #31 on the Oswego Men’s lacrosse team. I didn’t know that her brother was #31 until after the fact. Recently I found out that one of the girls varsity basketball players that is a senior was number 31 for club basketball. For the first couple practices we practiced the basics of basketball like dribbling, passing, and shooting. At one of the
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Before my team left for the game, it started to rain. On the way to the game, there was a thunderstorm going on. It kind of scared me but thunderstorms don’t really scare me. We arrived at Queensbury and we were playing in the 4:15 game. The Amsterdam/Queensbury game was at 5:45. The game was very competitive and there was a lot of back-and-forth action. I didn’t get to play in the game until the second half and I was really disappointed. I had a chance to go in right before the first half ended but I chose to wait. Since the game was very competitive, there were not a lot of chances that I could have gone in during the first half. My team ended up losing by a single point which meant that my team would be in the consolation

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