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T = Topic Sentence. The first sentence, which outlines the topic of the paragraph. Example topic sentence: By the end of the novel Charlie has undergone a number of experiences which help to teach him that friendship is one of the most important things needed to grow up and cope with becoming a man in a difficult world.
E = Examples / Evidence (from the novel). This could be a reference to an event that occurs and which helps you to explain your point or it could be a quotation from the book.
A good body paragraph will have at least one quotation PLUS two other examples to support the key idea in the paragraph.
E = Explanation : For each piece of evidence you provide, you need to explain how your evidence is RELEVANT to your argument
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Remember to use the TEEL format to put your body paragraphs together.
The Runner by Robert Newton
‘…it was as if they took my childhood away with them’. What does Charlie learn about growing up and becoming a man and how does he learn it? (400 words minimum)
DUE DATE: To be completed by Friday 20 June.
WHAT TO SUBMIT: the plan (below) completed and your essay typed.

Use this section to brainstorm ideas on the topic
1: Identify the key words in the topic
Example of key words. “childhood” “learn” and “growing up”
2. Write a list of things that are learnt in the novel by Charlie and how he learns these things.
3. Select 3 or 4 important lessons which Charlie learns about growing up. These will become the basis for your essay’s body paragraphs.
Look at your brainstorming notes and decide on a sentence which summarises your overall opinion on the topic (but DO NOT use the first person: ie/ no “I” “my” or “we”)
Example of a contention: Charlie learns that growing up requires….
Contention sentence:
This sentence will appear in your introduction
Use this section to plan your essay:
My contention: The character of Charlie from the novel runner by Robert Newton, has to grow up quickly after his father died.

The three or four areas that you’re going to discuss in your body

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