Essay about Basketball Has Changed My Life

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Basketball has changed my life for the better. Growing up we did not have a lot at first, but we did have a gray concrete slab, a basketball hoop, and a basketball. Eventually my parents started to make more money, however, that led to constant fighting between them, so I would go outside and shoot around. I would shoot a couple of free throws, practice some lay-ups, jump shots, and the occasional three-pointer as well. When I got into high school, basketball became something I could use to let go of all of my anger. Whenever I got mad at one of my classmates for something petty they said, instead of walking up to them and punching them in the face, I would swat a ball out of their hand and hit them in the face on the court. I guess you can say basketball was my escape route. Anytime I needed a break from the world, basketball was always there for me. Basketball allowed my sister and me to get a heck of a lot closer to each other. We never really got along growing up but when we were on that basketball court, it was as if we were of one mind. We were pretty much unstoppable. Even though I don 't know where I would be today, had I not have had basketball, basketball saved my life because basketball gave me an understanding of my sister. Once my mom and dad started making more money and then started fighting over money, I could always escape to our outside court, and When we were poor and did not have a lot I could always count on basketball.. When you come from a town of…

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