Basic Math Competency Of Production Line Workers Essay

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Problem Statement

A case study was conducted by a manufacturing company, Ace Inc., that specializes in circuit boards used in security devices. The study aims to determine basic math competency of its production line workers. A random sample of 71 production line employees were chosen for the survey and the test data results were collected accordingly. The resulting data also includes whether each employee in the sample took a statistics course or not. Ace would like to examine this data in order to prepare analysis report to the management team.

Statistical Results

1. In this study of test scores and took statistics course, each variable in the sample data is characterized by creating a histogram and pie chart, respectively. According to the “Histogram of Test Scores”, Appendix A(2), the data can be described as normally distributed. The descriptive statistics result for the variable “Test Scores” in Appendix A (1), also indicates that the distribution is symmetric around the mean, with the mean value of 52.6 points and the median 51 points. This shows that the data values appear to be close to the center of the data and that there are no extreme data values in the sample that might have pulled the mean upwards from the center. The normal approaches the horizontal axis on either side of the mean. Therefore, in this sample the data can be characterized by the mean and standard deviation, the variable of interest “Test Scores” can be treated as continuous variable and the…

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