Basic Laws, Rules And Rules Essay

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Constitution means a set of basic laws, rules and regulations which are necessary for running the administration of a state with an objective that people may lead an independent, disciplined, peaceful and happy life.
The Need of Constitution:
If we look at the history of mankind one would find that the primitive man lived in a small family unit had its own rule and way of living. Later, these family units merged themselves into big or small tribes to meet their economic, social and defense needs. As time passed and population increased they felt to organize themselves into much bigger units within the certain territory. This foundation of territory was on the basis of language, culture and traditions. From here the different countries or state emerged. A number of institutions came into existence to run the administration of the state or country. Rules and laws were framed for each institution. The individuals were appointed to run these institutions. In this way a system of government came into being. In other words, the individuals and institutions together form the government. This government further became subject to a collection of rules, laws and regulations to determine the powers and authority of the government, inter-relationship between government and the institutions and the rights of the citizens. All of these are provided in a frame work, called the constitution. Hence, to run the affairs of the government, a constitution is required. So that, no one…

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