Explain The Basic Consideration When Responding To Referral

Basic consideration when responding to referral? In the mental health field there are procedures and protocols that psychologists have to abide by. There is an ethic code that protects individuals confidentially. This article gives the ways by which a client can be referred for psychological testing and assessments to measure the mental state of the client. These traits are measured by a person’s feelings, beliefs, and abilities that can cause mental problems for the client. These assessments allow psychologists to diagnose the client conditions, such as anxiety, depression, anger control and stress. According to this article these test measure the overall well-being and general assessment of the client personality. The psychological assessment includes an interview with a mental health practitioner and one or more formal psychological tests. …show more content…
Referral only means that additional information is needed before designing the best approach to address the problem being measure. In psychological testing is given the process can take several hours to complete. There are different ways an assessment is given. The testing can be in the form of questionnaires, face-to-face, and paper and pencil testing. (www.valueoptions.com) Also when referring individual’s for a psychological assessment there are several questions to answer. Who will conduct the assessments? What is being measured? How long will testing take? Who will have access to the results? How will the test be taken? How much will the test cost? These are questions the client may want to know about being referred. To perform psychological testing the psychologist should be a licensed clinical psychologist licensed by state

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