Based On The Federal Healthcare System Essay

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Based on the federal healthcare system, there are three disadvantages that exist in this present structure: higher cost of healthcare, disparity of healthcare, fragmentary healthcare system. First of all, if a system wants to reach the goals, sustainable operation, it should develop a healthy finance plan and strike the balance between income and expenditure. In other words, the best way is to increase price of services and medicine and decrease the cost the medicine from suppliers. Nevertheless, the strategy which is passed the cost to the consumers set a foundation for soaring healthcare expenditure. There are 33% of American citizens who acknowledge that their are unwilling to see a doctor until their are extreme sick because of the price of prescribed medications. (Paulo Manuel 1) Moreover, Nation invest $2.6 trillion on healthcare system. It is equivalent to cost $8000 for every citizen per year. The expenditure of healthcare in the developed countries is the most expensive.( Secondly, the problem is disparity of healthcare. Based on the Health Disparities and Inequalities Report — United States, 2013 done by the CDC. Their report pointed out the fact that the upper-class people is easier to access to better healthcare resources than lower-class people In 1995, Taiwan performed a revolutionary healthcare to replace the fragmentary and malapropos healthcare structure. The Government set up universal National Health Insurance (NHI). Bureau of National…

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