Essay on Baseball Is The Most Popular Sport

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The sport that creates more longing among Americans than some others is baseball. Baseball is one of, if not, the most popular sport in America. People all around world play baseball from when they are kids to grown-ups. Baseball in considered to be “America’s National Pastime.” The top two levels of baseball are college and professional. Both of these levels have their ups and downs. They both have great players and teams all around America. Each team has its fan base and unique traditions. Many sports fans today have argued which level is more exciting to watch. Although college and professional baseball is the same sport, professional baseball includes a better atmosphere, higher level of competition, and a personal investment to the game. The atmosphere that comes along with a professional baseball is much better than a college atmosphere. First part is the weather. The professional baseball season begins towards the end of spring and lasts throughout the whole summer. This time period offers the gorgeous summer weather to spectate a ball game. The college season usually begins in early spring to the very beginning of summer. Therefore, half the season is very cold. In an article written by Ben Reiter he states, “Opening Day remains as auspicious as any event on the American calendar. It is a more sure sign of spring’s onset...” (Reither 2). There is no better feeling than after a long vicious winter being able to attend a professional baseball game. Secondly,…

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